Career Progression

GVI staff are what makes us amazing. We know jobs in the field are to come by but we are always on the lookout for highly passionate and motivated individuals that are looking to join us on our mission. Most of the GVI team is made up from our alumni network, we are able to identify amazing people that we want to work with and develop personally as well as professionally in their role. We have a strong training and support network to help our staff on focusing on their future whether it will be within GVI or moving on to setting up your own NGO up or even maybe joining one of our partners.

Joining GVI is not just a job, we believe in you and we will work with you to support and invest in your future.


GVI are committed to supporting new and exciting opportunities for everyone, we believe in our mission to build a global network of passionate people so if that is you then you are in the right place. Don’t worry if you do not have the experience you can start your journey by joining as a volunteer or even an Intern with GVI and experience a whole new potential passion. Finding your passion that might be different to your academic training is not a disaster and here at GVI we open our internships to support people to re-train and gain experience in a new area that will hopefully lead to new employment or personal development.

GVI is committed to having the best staff and we work hard through staff engagement and empowerment to ensure that our staff have the best support and career progression opportunities open to them and that is why we always look to recruit internally first.

Meet Laura!

Meet Laura