The GVI Family

Our Core Values

As we continue to grow as a leading organisation our core values remain very more important to us. These values  help us develop our culture, our brand, and our future as an organisation. The five core values we live by:

  • Passion & Commitment
  • Respect & Trust
  • Fun
  • Inspire
  • Family

Our Mission

Our mission reflects our core values and defines our culture and is at the heart of all our decision making:

” To build a global network of people united by their passion for positive change”

Our Objectives

We use our objectives as an organisation to measure our success:

  • Awareness- Increase cultural understanding and awareness of global issues within our Alumni.
  • Impact- Make long term, sustainable contributions towards key global and local issues
  • Empowerment- Equip our alumni with the knowledge and ability to further contribute towards key global and local issues

The GVI Family

The GVI family spreads over 19 different GVI Hubs in over 15 different countries, we might sound massive but we are one happy international GVI family.

Everyone that works for GVI holds the GVI passion to make a difference and that is what brings us all together. We work as a team to inspire and infuse our GVI culture in everything we do and that is why we work well together. Our volunteers love us and that is why we see so many of our volunteer stay connected with us, return to the field or look to join our team once they return home so we must be doing something right!